The Case cleaned up nicely, especially the inside, where the original paint remained intact. I took it to an automotive machine shop and had them run it through their washer. The outside will eventually get a new coat of pait.


Here's the countershaft, again without its bearings. From left to right is the second speed gear, the third gear and clutch, and the fourth and first gears. All but the third gear are keyed or splined to this shaft.


Here's the input shaft together as a trial. Other than the bearings on the end, it's all there. From left to right you see the pump tang, the outboard bearing journal, the reverse gear and clutch, the forward clutch and gear, the input bearing journal a


Last but hardly least is the output shaft assembly. From left to right, the pulley mount, bearing journal, second gear and clutch, third gear (splined to shaft), fourth gear clutch and gear, first gear and clutch, and inboard bearing (not quite all the w


After a first cleaning in solvent with a wire brush, I put them in my "parts washer". Well, my wife was out of town, see, and ....